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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Why It Works

Have you ever noticed that the minute you no longer need or want something, it appears?

You've lost your keys. You look high and low. You finally give up, and decide to walk instead—and there they are, in the strangest place.

Or you've been praying to find a great job in your field. You've been interviewing like crazy for months, but nobody's hired you yet. So you give up and take a job at a retail store in the meantime. A week later, your dream job calls and hires you.

Or you're single, lonely, ready to find a mate. It seems like everyone is hooking up except you. One day, you decide you're fine on your own and you shift your focus to work or a beloved hobby. Not long afterwards, someone wonderful walks into your life—the moment you stopped looking for love.

I've been thinking a lot about this topic lately, and about things like Prayer Circles and why they work. The Universe explained it to me as it always does, through example. ;-)

I had a need and I'd been focusing a good deal of positive energy on it. I set a determined intention. But it seemed to be stuck. So I posted an entry on one of my hobby blogs outlining the issue that had my mind in knots, and I asked my readers to put out a little bit of positive energy or prayer to maybe move it along a bit.

The next day, to my utter surprise, it moved.

About a week later, while still pondering this and wondering what it is about multiple energies that makes it work, I received an email from Colin Joss about his new publication, "The Power of Release". Colin, I hope it's all right with you that I've posted a bit of the letter here:

Subject: It's Time You Forgot About Your Dreams

Big house in the country? Forget about it.

Financial independence? Forget about it.

Wonderful family life? Forget about it.

Am I crazy?

Possibly, but that's not the point...

There's a power in forgetting.

It's a power that's brought me anything I've wanted.
I just had to forget about it first.

That's when it hit me.

It's relatively easy to figure out what you don't want, then turn it around to know what you do want. It's doable to learn the language of affirmation and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), to learn to phrase an intention in the best way possible. One can become "clear" by uncovering counter intentions, limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns and erasing them through a variety of methods (EFT, The Work, Ho'oponopono, and so on).

The tricky part of affirmations and intention-setting is the Allow. Letting go. Having faith, believing to see it, trusting that it is on its way, living through the In-Between Time when nothing seems to be happening and you feel like giving up. It's tricky, because it means you absolutely must forget about obtaining the very thing that you are trying to attract. In "Quantum Success", Sandra Anne Taylor calls this the Law of Paradoxical Intent. Joe Vitale, author of "too many books to mention" including "The Attractor Factor", "The Key" and "Zero Limits", calls it "becoming clear".

If you're like me, forgetting about the thing I most "need" or "want" is like asking the sun not to shine. We are, by nature, attached to our preferred outcome because it directly affects our lives! So my outcome is constantly on my mind, skirting the edges of my thoughts, and generally not allowing itself to be let go. This sets up blocks that prevents the manifestation of the very thing I desire.

But when my energy is combined with the energies of others, it seems to work better. Why? Is it because more people are focusing on it? Well, that's part of it. But I think the key is this:

Outsiders are not attached to the outcome, because it has no direct effect on their lives.

In other words, they have nothing to gain or lose by sending out a little positive energy towards my outcome. So while my energy might be laced with desperation, fear, doubt, or counter intentions, their energy is not! Their energy is pure.

Purity of thought and the absence of limiting beliefs, counter intentions, negative emotions, and other conflicting energy is the key to activating manifestation. This is why Prayer Circles and group energies have such a high success rate.

Today, I had an idea:

What if there were a place where people could post their intentions and have others add their energies to it? Along the lines of a Prayer Circle, but without any religious or denominational attributes. Just a bunch of positive-thinking, like-minded individuals, uniting to help each other out by contributing resources of theirs that they already have in unlimited abundance—their pure, unconflicted, positive energy. It "costs" nothing to give but a few moments of thought.

This blog is the manifestation of that thought. The title Uni-Festation is a combination of the words "unite/unify" and "manifestation": to unify and manifest, uniting our energies to help others manifest their visions.

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Jennifer Sage said...

A beautiful and powerful concept. somehow we've got to get this to Joe Vitale to post on his blog!

I've posted it on my blog: http://reachyourpeak.wordpress.com
Hopefully that can aid in your intention to increase traffic to this site.

By the way, you write beautifully and with great insight. Your discussion of your own blockages and fears put into words many of my own, and I'm sure, many other people. Thanks for that!