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Hi, I'm JB. This is an off-shoot of my main blog, Mental Manifestation.

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Set an intention. Then email it to:

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Your intention* will be included in the weekly entry on Manifestation Monday. Your identity will be kept private—only first names and last initials will be displayed or you may request to be named Anonymous.

Readers will see the entry, visualize your preferred outcome, add their energy to it, and let it go.

All you need to do is stand back and watch it manifest.

It's really that easy. :-)

If you are reading and want to help:

Read each entry, visualize the preferred outcome posted in the entry, add some positive energy, and let it go. Experience the peace and joy that comes from knowing someone is manifesting wonderful things, and that what we put out returns to us multiplied.

*Please note: the wording of an intention is very important. If anything in the wording jumps out as a potential block or counter intention, the wording of your intention may be altered slightly to assist the manifestation process—with your permission, of course.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Manifestation Monday

Well, good Monday to you! Welcome to the very first Manifestation Monday here at Uni-Festation. I'll start by putting out a request for some energy....

Please focus energy on attracting more readers and contributors to this blog! :-) I know there are plenty of us who could benefit from a little extra help in the manifestation department, and that's why this is here. I'm visualizing for a tenfold increase in readership by this time next Monday.

Next, I'd like to request some assistance with a legal/financial matter. I am the co-executrix for my deceased parents' estate (both died in 2006). My sister and I must find a fair compromise so that the estate can be settled. There is a property involved that has been subdivided and is for sale. One of the lots sold last week. I'm asking for energy to move the other two lots ASAP and for us to find that fair compromise. I'm also requesting energy for an immediate and dramatic increase in my financial resources beyond the scope of and separate from the estate.

That's it!

See you next Monday, or earlier if there is news.

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