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Hi, I'm JB. This is an off-shoot of my main blog, Mental Manifestation.

If you have a need:

Set an intention. Then email it to:

jb AT mentalmanifestation DOT com
Subject: Monday Post

Change the AT to @ and the DOT to .

Your intention* will be included in the weekly entry on Manifestation Monday. Your identity will be kept private—only first names and last initials will be displayed or you may request to be named Anonymous.

Readers will see the entry, visualize your preferred outcome, add their energy to it, and let it go.

All you need to do is stand back and watch it manifest.

It's really that easy. :-)

If you are reading and want to help:

Read each entry, visualize the preferred outcome posted in the entry, add some positive energy, and let it go. Experience the peace and joy that comes from knowing someone is manifesting wonderful things, and that what we put out returns to us multiplied.

*Please note: the wording of an intention is very important. If anything in the wording jumps out as a potential block or counter intention, the wording of your intention may be altered slightly to assist the manifestation process—with your permission, of course.

Saturday, June 23, 2012



My blog email is set up to forward blog email such as manifestation requests to my main email address. At least it WAS set up this way.

It would appear that for quite some time, my blog email has not forwarded. Thus I have missed several of your requests for intention help and I am TRULY, truly sorry. I've looked into the settings and it should be working again.

I hope that in my apparent absence, you have been able to fulfill your intentions. Please send requests as usual. I promise to check my blog email if it seems like it's being too quiet.

Again, my apologies.

I hope to see you again soon, and until then, Manifest GREAT THINGS.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Well, good Friday to you! Here are this week's requests for positive energy....

Requesting that this blog be revitalized, and that people join me in requesting positive energy directed at their desires and intentions.

Hitting all five white balls in the lottery wouldn't be bad, either. I'd be happy with that or with the addition of the gold MegaBall. Either way!

That's it! See you next Monday! Manifest GREAT THINGS.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Well, good Wednesday to you (I'm a bit behind this week)! Here are this week's requests for positive energy....

Hello all! I need help as my home is in foreclosure and various other things in my life had gone awry before I 'figured it out'. Now, in the interest of re-inventing myself, here is my request:

I have the money to pay my house off in full, pay all my remaining obligations in full, to spend, and to remodel my house. I am experiencing peace and tranquility and rediscovering myself. I am excited about opening this new chapter in my life and now that I have identified the tools that I would like to have, I am happily receiving them.

Thank you all,

I would like to personally thank everyone who lent their energies to the successful sales of the properties that I had for sale. As of August, the most troublesome property is SOLD, and my mother's estate is now closed. The other property is about to be relisted, so I am intending that:

I have the very best realtor for my situation; the house is SOLD for FMV (Fair Market Value) or better in the as-is condition; and the sale is closed within 30 days of re-listing the property.

Thank you so much for your assistance with this intention! Be blessed.


(As an aside, because I hold equity in the home, FMV is plenty to allow the mortgage to be paid in full, to pay all closing costs, and leave a healthy profit for me to use for my future plans.)

That's it!

See you next time! Manifest GREAT THINGS.

Monday, July 20, 2009

MM #12

Well, good Monday to you! Here are this week's requests for positive energy....

I intend for an increase in Manifestation requests through Uni-Festation.

Please join your energies with mine to manifest that for which I intend:
  • A positive, dramatic and immediate increase in my income
  • Full restoration of the insurance policies in the best possible way, unchanged from the original or changed for the better
  • Being hired into the best of the jobs for which I've applied
  • The immediate, profitable, and smooth sale of the farmhouse
Thank you, for the highest good of all concerned, in the most beneficial and least harmful way.


That's it!

See you next Monday! Manifest GREAT THINGS.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

MM #11 Belated

I'm a day late, but here are this week's requests for positive energy....

I am requesting energy towards the manifestation of 8.5 million dollars. Thank you!

Suzanne M

For the good of all concerned, I am requesting energy towards the manifestation of the perfect buyers with the perfect offers (close to the asking price) for both of the houses that are for sale, and that the offers are known to me by 5 PM Friday EST January 30, 2009. This or something better...


That's it!

See you next Monday! Manifest GREAT THINGS.

Monday, November 3, 2008

MM #10

Well, good Monday to you! Here are this week's requests for positive energy....

THANK YOU—the second land lot closed successfully on October 30th with a tidy profit in hand. It was a cash offer and that made completion of the sale so effortless.

All that remain to be sold are the two lots bearing houses.

My first intention is that the house within the estate receives a cash offer equal to the asking price within the next 7 days, to close before Christmas 2008.

My second intention is that the other house receives a solid offer within two weeks of being returned to the market, to close before Christmas 2008.

My third intention is that the money required to pay for the completion of my next undergraduate degree as well as support me and my animals during my studies falls into my hands before classes begin in January 2009.

Thank you for your energies!

I would like to introduce you to a new friend who has a remarkable idea. Details are at the Mental Manifestation blog.

That's it!

See you next Monday! Manifest GREAT THINGS.

Monday, September 1, 2008

MM#9 Holiday Post

Well, good Monday to you and Happy Labor Day! Here are this week's requests for positive energy....

I am intending that:
  • my son is perfectly healthy in every way, is working, and is attending the local community college in preparation for the future he so desires
  • my daughter has a car of her own and is well-able to get her daughters to and from school
  • my daughter's husband continues to have an active role in their daughters' lives
  • my daughter’s husband continues to actively and enthusiastically share in and contribute to the responsibility of raising their daughters
  • all of my children and grandchildren experience peace and the knowing that things are always working out for the best
This, or something better, is what I intend. Thank you!

Debra T.

I am intending that:
  • I am completely released from the limiting belief that "there are no possibilities for me anymore"
  • that my belief is reframed to embrace possibility
I am now believing that the Universe is limitless abundance and opportunity, that I am ready for and worthy of all good things coming to me now, and that I am now grateful for and choosing to experience limitless possibility in all areas of my life. Thank you!


That's it!

See you next Monday! Manifest GREAT THINGS.