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Hi, I'm JB. This is an off-shoot of my main blog, Mental Manifestation.

If you have a need:

Set an intention. Then email it to:

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Your intention* will be included in the weekly entry on Manifestation Monday. Your identity will be kept private—only first names and last initials will be displayed or you may request to be named Anonymous.

Readers will see the entry, visualize your preferred outcome, add their energy to it, and let it go.

All you need to do is stand back and watch it manifest.

It's really that easy. :-)

If you are reading and want to help:

Read each entry, visualize the preferred outcome posted in the entry, add some positive energy, and let it go. Experience the peace and joy that comes from knowing someone is manifesting wonderful things, and that what we put out returns to us multiplied.

*Please note: the wording of an intention is very important. If anything in the wording jumps out as a potential block or counter intention, the wording of your intention may be altered slightly to assist the manifestation process—with your permission, of course.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Manifestation Alert! :-)

It's working! Great things are being manifested!

A check has been manifested from the insurance company to cover the fire damage to the inherited house we have for sale—the check is for more than half of the amount needed to cover the repairs! My sister and I are beyond amazed at this wonderful occurrence. The amount far exceeded what each of us imagined we might get—combined. Thank you for all of your energies! Continued blessings to all!


If you've had a manifestation happen in your life recently that originated from a posting here, please email and let me know!

See you next Monday! Manifest GREAT THINGS.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

EMR from Dee

Hello! We have an emergency manifestation request for positive energy....

I have an urgent request and I need as much help as I can get. Spirit urged me and helped me to try to get a book to someone named Paul so that messages that were channeled for him would get to him. Now Paul is a very important and powerful and famous person.

My request is that if Paul has not yet received the book, that he does receive it and reads the book.

Thank you very much.


Thank you for all the positive energy sent out regarding the house fire. There is positive progress being made. Despite the damage, which was minimal compared to original beliefs, the house still has serious interest from a buyer who (according to rumor) is planning to put an offer on it this week!

I'm intending that the rumors be true, and that the offer is for more than we would have ever expected!!!


That's it!

See you next Monday! Manifest GREAT THINGS.

Monday, July 7, 2008

MM #6

Well, good Monday to you and Happy Independence Day if you're in the US! Here are this week's requests for positive energy....

After midnight, on the 4th of July, someone set fire to the unoccupied house that has been on the market as part of my Mother's estate. Reports vary from being salvageable because the damage was contained to one corner of the house to possibly being demolished due to the age of the house despite being structurally sound. The irony is that the areas damaged were already in need of some repairs—the house already had "project" status for a self-appointed Bob Vila-type but the extent of the repairs seemed to put off the weekend warriors.

I am intending for everything to come together to produce a quick, profitable sale of this property such that we wind up profiting financially MORE from selling the property after the fire than we would have selling it before the fire (as is). Thank you all for your energies! Blessings to you.


That's it!

See you next Monday! Manifest GREAT THINGS.